Hands-on legal ally for designers, creatives and craftsmen as well as startups and entrepreneurs

Every project matters

Legal structure is a constant in each undertaking. It should never be a hurdle, but rather a way of supporting and ensuring the best outcome for projects.

Templates and expertise


By using templates, I am able to focus my work and expertise where they matter most: understanding client needs and how to best address them.

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Working together on a recurring basis is a key component for efficiency and better understanding. I am currently prototyping such collaboration in particular with design institutions as well as startups.

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Hourly rate

For projects with a different scope than what is covered by my templates, I also work on an hourly basis. In this case, I provide estimates ahead of the work, so as to avoid any surprises.

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Designers, creatives and craftsmen

I am passionate about design, craftsmanship and art. This is why I would like to offer special conditions to people and companies active in these fields. Please do get in touch if you have any specific questions.


My name is Clément. After passing the Geneva bar exam, I spent the next five years in leadership roles at startups (first a legal tech; I then cofounded a prop tech one) and a real estate group. I am currently involved in a range of projects related to sustainable consumption.

Passionate about design, craftsmanship and innovation in general, I set up Legal Stuff in 2021 to give legal advice the way I think it should be: to the point, transparent and business oriented.

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Institutions and clients