Hands-on legal ally for designers, creatives and craftsmen as well as startups and entrepreneurs

Every project matters

Legal structure is a constant in each undertaking. It should never be a hurdle, but rather a way of supporting and ensuring the best outcome for projects.

Templates and expertise

In order to deliver legal advice as efficiently as possible, Legal Stuff relies on two elements: streamlined templates and expertise. Each situation is different, but often shares characteristics with others. I use templates constantly perfected as a base for my work, which allows me to focus my time and energy to provide you effectively with a solution to your specific needs. Learn more.


I firmly believe that lasting relationships lead to better understanding and collaboration, which is why I also offer my services on a more regular basis. I am currently testing different formats to address as efficiently as possible day-to-day legal matters of my clients, and developing new ways of doing so, especially with design institutions. This is also something I would like to develop with startups and companies, in particular for recurring legal matters and data privacy. Learn more.

Hourly rate

I offer my services on a more traditional hourly rate basis as well, for example if you wish to work outside the scope of the templates I use or need more general legal advice. In this case, I also commit to providing you with estimates in advance so as to avoid any surprises. Learn more.

Designers, creatives and craftsmen

I am passionate about craftsmanship, design and art. This is why I would like to offer special conditions to people and companies active in these fields. Please do get in touch if you have any specific questions.