Explore our diverse array of offerings, encompassing corporate, contracts, HR, data protection, and intellectual property solutions.

Shareholders' agreement

Customised shareholder agreement to secure and clarify your rights


Company incorporation

Legal structure for credibility and security

Sole proprietorship incorporation

Quick registration for self-employed status

Transformation LLP-stock corporation

Capital flexibility and shareholder anonymity

Transformation partnership into LLP

Continuity with protection and financial optimization

Convertible loan agreement

Flexible financing to protect founders' interests

Share purchase agreement

Secure framework for strategic corporate transactions

License agreement

Global partnerships with innovation protection


Freelance agreement

Clarity for projects with intellectual property protection

Work agreement

Creation of a specific product

IT/software development agreement

Securing intellectual property and compliance


Solid contractual terms for your SaaS project

Agency agreement

Flexibility and advice in a variety of situations

Terms and conditions

Standard terms for your contracts

Employment agreement

Compliant and competitive staff recruitment


Code of conduct

The ethical backbone of your activity

Incentive plan

Aligning your company's interests with the one of your employees

Employee handbook

Everything your personnel needs to know

Privacy policy for website

Disclosure for your website

Data protection

Internal data protection policy

Complying with data protection in your daily operations

IP strategy definition

Craft a tailored plan to protect and exploit intellectual property

Intellectual property

Trademark registration

Establish your brand's legal exclusivity in the market effectively

Trademark monitoring

Monitor and protect your brand from potential infringement

Design registration

Register to defend the unique visual identity of your products

Trademark/design admonishment letter

Act decisively against any infringement of rights