Contracts and documents

Using templates as basis for my work allows me to be efficient and to focus my time at understanding your needs and find solutions to best address them.

I aim at offering legal advice in a transparent manner, in particular when it comes to pricing. This is why, as much as I can, I work with fixed prices that are known beforehand.

To review existing agreements, the same prices usually apply as when working with my templates. There is an exception for documents that are long and/or complicated, for which I would provide you with an estimate beforehand.

For any agreement or document not in the list, I would be happy to come up with an all-inclusive offer.


Protects sensitive information shared with others (business partners, investors, etc.)

Employment agreement


Frames the relationship with your hires

Freelance / consulting / mandate agreement

from 450.-

Organises business relationships, typically between designers and other freelancers and companies

License agreement

from 700.-

Governs sharing of intellectual property - design, pattern, copyright - often against payment of a fee (such as royalties or subscription)

SaaS (including SLA)

from 700.-

Structures the usage of online services (and/or platforms)

Terms and conditions
on- and offline

from 600.-

Organises the relationship with your website visitors or your on- and offline customers

Confidentiality policy

from 500.-

Governs the usage you make of customers/visitors' data and informs them of it

Data processing annex

from 400.-

Informs your customers in detail of how their data is used, and why

Shareholders/partners' agreement

from 700.-

Defines relationship among partners - and with investors - from profit distribution to general organisation (also simple partnerships and joint-ventures)

Trademark registration (with / without analysis)

From 800.- / 300.-

Ensures your trademark is protected

Share purchase agreement

From 2'000.-

Frames the sale of a company


The packages I offer aim at providing you with a more thorough support to best address your goals. Just like with the contracts and documents above, the packages include all discussions and document adaptations.

Company creation


Provides you with all necessary information to create a company: type, seat, name and articles of association as well as insurances (in addition to this, there are around CHF 1400.- for notary and commercial register)

HR pack


Gives you a structure for your hires: employment agreement and a guide of the HR elements to consider

Startup pack



Includes everything in company creation plus essentials to get started: shareholders' agreement, employment agreement and NDA

Stock option plan and other monetary incentives

from 2'000.-

Includes a stock option framework that sets the principles for attributing options to your team, an individual grant agreement and discussions with the tax authorities

Data protection package

Provides you with the essentials when doing business online, both to inform users regarding data and terms of service: terms and conditions, confidentiality policy and data processing annex

Company sale / acquisition

from 3'000.-

Contributes everything legal you need to do sell or buy a company: due diligence (review of documents), help in negotiation if needed and sale and purchase agreement

Real estate transaction

from 2'000.-

Includes diligence (land use planning, building right, warranties, easements, etc.) and reviewing of the transaction agreements as well as discussions with the other parties and the notary

Subscription and service by the hour

Building relationships in the long run allows for a better understanding of a company and its business. This leads to increased efficiency.

I am hence focusing on collaboration in the long run - especially with design institutions - to build on the cooperation. This starts with handling day-to-day legal issues for a fixed price and inclues a full range of legal services.

I also offer this to startups and companies, helping them for example with data privacy and recurring legal matters.

Institution packages

from 1'500 a year

Includes 10 (or more) day-to-day legal matters such as contract review, legal research, help to and discussions with students, etc. If something requires (much) more work, I let you know so that we can find an appropriate solution together

External legal counsel

To be agreed upon

Sets the ground for a relationship in the long run. For a fixed price, I handle your day-to-day legal work

Data protection officer (DPO)

from 500.- a month

Includes the analyse and tracking of activities related to data protection, in particular regarding compliance with the Swiss regulations and GDPR

Service by the hour

100 - 300.- an hour

Depending on clients' profile and needs, my hourly rate varies. Being passionate about craftsmanship and design, I am keen to help creatives in their work, for whom I apply special prices, especially during the early stages of their careers